New Member Application

RRG New Member Application

RRG allows only one representative from each profession (category) to avoid competition between members. New Member cost is $200 annually. The Membership and Leadership Committees review all applications and will notify you as soon as possible. You may attend RRG meetings while your application is in process, and/or attend 2 meetings annually as a guest.

Secondary Category: If a member desires membership in a 2nd (secondary) category, they may apply for such. If approved, the member will have a secondary category indicated in his/her membership, at the cost of $100 annually (half the regular rate).

If someone applies for membership in your secondary category (it must their primary category, however), you will be allowed to serve in your secondary category for up to 90 more days, at which point you must release the secondary category to the new member to serve as their respective primary category. In this case, you will receive a prorated refund (prorated monthly) of the payment ($100) for the secondary category.

If your preferred business category is already filled by a member in our Group, please feel free to go ahead and submit your application anyway. RRG maintains a wait list for those categories with multiple applicants. Should a category become vacant, we will reach out to those on the wait list, in proper order.